Bar Counter


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位於日本東京都江戶川的一家小工房,品牌取名為「畢達哥拉斯」,名字源自希臘哲學家,由一位年青的家具職人創立。以「play as possible」為理念,結合了創新和一絲不苟的手工藝,專注為擁有各種興趣如唱片、品酒、閱讀及咖啡等的人士,設計一系列完美易用、又能融入家居的個性化家具「小型酒吧桌」是品牌的人氣作之一,以天然橡木製作,備有如一枚板一般的優美曲線桌面,設有收納美酒及杯子的展示櫃,另有一個小抽屜擺放品酒用具。尺寸小巧,可以擺放在家中任何角落,能夠讓家中的一角變成酒吧空間,即使是小型的家具,也能營造出「個人化空間」。這款家具能夠讓用家更容易地分享自己的嗜好,也是一種「可以讓您和人相處更融洽的家具」

A young furniture craftsman in Tokyo founded a small workshop with the philosophy of "play as possible". The brand designs personalized furniture for various interests, such as vinyl records, wine, reading, and coffee. One popular piece is the "Bar Counter" made of natural oak with a display cabinet for wine and glasses and a small drawer for utensils. It's compact and can turn any corner into a bar area, creating a personalized space. The furniture helps users share their hobbies and get along better with others. It comes in various widths to fit different spaces.

Size : 110cm × 40cm × 85cm
Material : Oak


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